Legal Advice Profile

The following list shows our office's services in an overview.

Commercial And Corporation Law
  • Merchant/company law
  • Counseling of private companies /Ltds/joint-stock companies
  • Preparation of corporation law contracts
  • Legal advice in the case of capital increase or reduction
  • Legal advice concerning the raising of capital
  • Legal advice in the case of company formation or reorganisation
  • Legal advice in the case of buying or selling companies
  • Reorganisation law e.g. fusion, split-up, change of company organisation
Labor Law
  • Preparation of labor contracts
  • Personal labor law/terminations
  • Collective labor law/labor-management relations act
  • Reconciliation of interests/Setting-up and negotiation of social compensation plans
  • Legal advice with personel reorganisation in the case of economic crises and for other reasons
  • Advice on labor-law aspects in the case of buying or selling companies
  • Counseling with respect to a social compatible reduction of personel in the context of transfer measures
Advice Concerning Inheritance And Right Of Succession
  • Setting-up wills and contracts of inheritance
  • Arrangement of advanced settlements of rights of succession
  • Legal advice concerning donations
  • Advice and legal representation in actions on a claim of succession
  • Advice and representation with regard to succession in a company
  • Advice concerning the setting-up of precautionary proxies and patients' wills
Civil Law
  • Advice on the setting-up of civil contracts of all sorts
  • Advice on legal actions with regard to civil-law contracts of all sorts
  • Drawing-up and checking standard terms and conditions
  • Law of property
  • Planning and building laws and regulations
  • Law of damages
Criminal Commercial Law
  • Criminal prosecution with respect to belated declarations of insolvency
  • Criminal law, especially property offences
  • Criminal law on tax matters
International Legal Advice
  • International commercial law
  • particularly counseling companies in all questions concerning German-Russian/Russian-German legal relations
  • right of residence
Crisis Consultation
  • Checking the reasons for declaring insolvency: inability to pay and excessive indebtedness
  • Financial rehabilitation counseling for small and middle-sized companies and natural persons/free-lancers
  • Checking liability aspects, e.g. checking civil-law liabilities with respect to a belated declaration of insolvency
  • Right of capital replacement
  • Right of rescission
Insolvency Law
  • See Crisis consultation
  • Representation of debtors' or creditors' interests towards the insolvency administrator

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